Expert/TopicRecommended Papers
Dr. Larisa Deriglazova
(Tomsk State University):
Methodology - Evaluation - EU Social Policy
Cornell University Teaching Evaluation Handbook (en)
Judith Marquand: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Course Delivery (en)
Phil Race: The Art of Assessing (en)
Quality Assurance: Politics and International Relations (en)
Larisa Deriglazova: Decline of Social Europe? (ru)
Giuliano Bonoli: New Social Risks and the Politics of Postindustrial Social Policies (en)
Pr. Richard Sakwa
(University of Kent, UK):
Russian Federation and EU
Richard Sakwa: Putin and the new realism in Russian foreign policy (en)
Richard Sakwa: Constitutionalism and accountability in contemporary Russia (en)
Richard Sakwa: The European Union and Russia: the perils of partnership (en)
Richard Sakwa: Federalism, sovereignty and democracy (en)
Dr. Kirsten Westphal
(Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany):
Energy Policy
Clingendael: Study on Energy Supply Security and Geopolitics.Executive Summary (en)
Margarita Balmaceda: EU Energy Policy and Future European Energy Markets: Consequences for the Central and East European States (en)
Kirsten Westphal:EU Energy Policy (en)
Dr. Guenter Herzig
(University of Salzburg, Austria):
EU Institutions
Guenter Herzig: A Constitution for Europe (en)
House of Lords (UK): The Future of Europe - the Conventions draft. Constitutional Treaty (en)
Graham Watson (MEP): The European Convention: progress and prospects (en)
Guenter Herzig: Governing Europe: EU Institutions and their Systems of Checks and Balances (en)
Pr. Mikhail Ya. Pelipas
(Tomsk State Univeristy):
Security Policy
EU Security Strategy: A Secure Europe in a better World (en)
The National Security Strategy of the United States of America (en)
Dr. Tatyana Byalikova
(Tomsk State University):
History of European Integration
Yuri Borko: European Integration and Russia (ru)
Ann Dayton The History of European Integration (ru)
Dr. Natalia B. Kondratieva
(Institute of Europe RAS, Moscow):
EU Institutions
Natalia Kondratieva: European Integration and Regional Development. (ru)
Emile Noël: Working Together - The Institutions of the European Community (1994, ru)
N. Kaveshnikov: Nice Treaty Impact to EU Institutional Reform: Added Answers or Added Questions? (ru)
M. Strezhneva: Institutional Development of the EU (ru)
Dr. Elena Litsareva
(Tomsk State University)

Elena Litsareva: EU monetary policy (ru)
Dr. Jane O'Mahony
(University of Kent, UK):
EU Social Policy
Rob Atkinson/Simin Davoudi: The Concept of Social Exclusion in the European Union: Context, Development and Possibilities (en)
Iain Begg/Jos Berghman: Introduction: EU social (exclusion) policy revisited? (en)
Zsuzsa Ferge/Gabor Juhasz: Accession and social policy: the case of Hungary (en)
Gerda Falkner: The Council or the social partners? EC social policy between diplomacy and collective bargaining (en)
Dr. Paolo Dardanelli
(University of Kent, UK):
EU Regional Policy
Iain Begg: Complementing EMU: Rethinking Cohesion Policy (en)
Simon Hix: Chapter Expenditure Policies (en)
John Sutcliffe: The 1999 reform of the structural fund regulations: multi-level governance or renationalization? (en)
Pr. Eric Remacle
(Université Libre de Bruxelles):
Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
Giovanni Grevi, Gerrard Quille, Daniela Manca: A Foreign Minister for EU: Past, Present, Future (en)
Barry R. Posen: ESDP and the Structure of World Power, International Spectator 1/2004, pp. 5-17 (en)
Ian Manners (University of Kent at Canterbury): Normative Power Europe: A Contradiction in Terms?, JCMS 2002 Volume 40. Number 2. pp. 235-258 (en)
Dr. Susanne Peters
(Giessen University):
Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)
Susanne Peters/Kirsten Westphal: "The CFSP/ESDP: from the Tail Light to the Future Motor of European Integration?" (en)
Trevor Salmon:The European Security and Defence Policy: Built on Rocks or Sand?,
European Foreign Affairs Review 10:359-379, 2005 (en)
Neil Winn: "Towards a Common European Security and Defence Policy (CESDP)? The debate on NATO, the European Army and Transatlantic Security",
Geopolitics, (Vol.8, No.2, Summer 2003), pp.47-68 (en)
Dr. Dieter Pesendorfer (Salzburg University):
EU Policy Making and EU Environmental Policy
John Peterson & Elizabeth Bomberg:Decision-Making in the European Union. Chapter 1: "Making Sense of EU Decision-Making.",
St. Martin's Press,1999, pp. 4-30. (en)
John Peterson & Elizabeth Bomberg: Decision-Making in the European Union. Chapter 7: "Environmental Policy",
St. Martin's Press.,1999, pp. 173-199 (en)
"How the EU takes decisions", EU Commission (en)
Pr. Volkmar Lauber,
(Salzburg University):
EU Environmental Policy
Andrea Lenschow: Environmental Policy. Contending Dynamics of Policy Change (en)
Rainer Eising, Nicolas Jabko: Moving Targets. National Interests and Electricity Liberalization in the European Union (en)
Mark A. Pollack:Theorizing EU Policy-Making - (part I) (en)
Mark A. Pollack:Theorizing EU Policy-Making - (part II) (en)
Dr. Jean-Luc de Meulemeester,
(Université Libre de Bruxelles):
EU Educational Policy
Pr. Jean-Luc de Meulemeester, Denis Rochat (Université de Cergy-Pontoise):The European Policy Regarding Education and Training: a Critical Assessment(en)
Cecile Deer,Jean-Luc de Meulemeester: The Political Economy of Educational Reform in France and Britain: 1980-2000 (en)
Pr. Jean-Luc de Meulemeester: Towards a "Market Model" for Governing Higher Learning and Research? An Historical Perspective (en)
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