During the first three months mostly preparation work was done and network building for project activities:

  • creation of a network and setting up connections via e-mail, phone and direct;
  • communication between members of consortium;
  • preparation for Academic Council meeting;
  • preparation for Management Committee meeting;
  • creation of EU Studies Centers at Siberian partners;
  • drawing selection criteria for participants of training programs from Siberian partner universities and announcement of selection for training programs for participants from Siberian partner universities;
  • preparation work for establishing MA and Doctorate Program at History Faculty of TSU;
  • printing and distributing materials from previous project, relevant for the present one;
  • advertising and delivering courses on the EU at TSU within the previous project scheme, but already considering their use during the ongoing project as well;
  • reviewing evaluation materials of the previous project for course-delivery and training sessions in the present project, and preparing guidelines for participants from Siberian partner universities;
  • revision of web page at TSU.
  • 06 September 2005
    At 7-13 of July, 2005 the second Management Committee meeting took place in Giessen, Germany, hosted by Justus-Liebig University. The meeting was organized by Dr. Kirsten Westphal and Pr. Reimund Seidelmann who represent Department of Political Science. Representatives of 9 partner-universities discussed development and progress of the project overall; in details coming activities; noted achievements and directions for further improving. At general participants expressed satisfaction with project development and looked for possible ways of co-operation in future. The meeting was chaired by Pr. Anselm Skuhra, project contractor. Russian partners were invited to visit the reception for foreign guests annually organized by the President of the JLU at the Castle of Rauischholzhausen.
  • 29 August 2005
    New articles concerning preparations for Kemerovo School
  • 15 July 2005
    Tyumen summer school report
  • 29 June 2005
    Photo album (Tyumen summer school)
  • 17 May 2005
    The collection of project participants' articles devoted to the EU history and enlargement edited by Dr. Alla Kassianova went out of press. The book is available at World Politics Chair of TSU, and will be distributed among universities of consortium.
  • 16 May 2005
    The collection of syllabi on EU studies will be out of press soon. The electronic version of collection is available at project website and webpage of World Politics Chair of TSU.
  • 11 May 2005
    Third methodological summer school program
  • 16 February 2005
    Summary of visiting scholarship "European integration and EU Studies" at University of Kent, Canterbury, UK:

    The delegation from Tomsk and Novosibirsk (consisted of Pr. A.G. Timoshenko , Pr. E.B.Tsoy,Pr. A.M. Barnashov,Pr. A.S. Revushkin,Pr. V.P. Zinoviev) visited University of Kent, Canterbury from January, 25th till February 14th, 2005. In the mentioned period delegation members studied curriculums of Department of Politics and International Relations, Head of Department: Prof. Richard Sakwa, researched using university library's resources,studied Bologna process and European Integration from the UK perspective, improved English skills etc
  • 7 February 2005
    The editing work on collection of syllabi on EU studies is close to completion. The electronic version of collection will be available at project website as soon as a hard copy of manuscript will be submitted to TSU publishing house
  • 3 February 2005
    The dates for EU trip of project trainees have been determined. From 14 to 21 October 2005 trainees will attend a program at Kent University at Canterbury, UK, and from 21 to 31 October - at Free University of Brussels, Belgium. (The dates might be changed in case of force majeure)
  • 29 January 2005
    The preparations for the third methodological school on EU at Tyumen have started. Experts from Kent University, UK, - Dr. Paolo Dardanelli and Dr. Jane O'Mahony suggested the reading for their presentations on Social and Regional Policy of EU. Materials for presentation of Dr.Larisa Deriglazova, TSU, also are available at readings section.
  • 25 January 2005
    The monograph "Economic integration in European continent and Asia-Pacific region at second half of XX century" by associate professor Elena Litsareva is published at TSU. The book is available at Scientific Library and World Politics Department of TSU
  • 21 January 2005
    The textbook on Monetary and Social Policy of EU was published at Tomsk State University. The authors - professor Eric Remacle, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, associate professors Alexey Timoshenko, Elena Litsareva, and Larisa Deriglazova from TSU. The text is available at website of World Politics Department of TSU - www.international.tsu.ru and here
  • 18 January 2005
    Dr. Alla Kassianova has finished editing the collection of project participants' articles devoted to the EU history and enlargement. The collection will be published by March 2005 by Tomsk State University publishing house. Electronic version of the collection is available on this site: Article collection #1.

  • 17 January 2005
    Materials related to the EU monetary policy are placed in readings section.

  • 13 January 2005
    Bibliography for Novosibirsk European Studies Center and list of printed items available at NSTU library

  • 2 December 2004
    More files in reading section

  • 28 October 2004
    Collected articles of project participants are being prepared in TSU (responsible person - associate professor Alla Kassianova, TSU).

  • 26 September 2004
    Second EU studies school "EU institutions and political processes" was held in Irkutsk State University on 20-26 September, 2004 (-->click for details<--)
  • 19 May 2004
    Was held the first international workshop "History of EU,economic integration". Two foreign experts and ten from Tomsk State University took part in it. (-->click for details<--)

  • 20 February 2004

    Meeting of consortium members 14-15 February, 2004, Brussels

    The key items have been discussed:

    • Schedule of 5 EU Studies methodological seminars and in Siberian universities;
    • Study trips of Russian trainees to EU universities, schedule, the content of trips;
    • Planning collective textbooks on EU issues writing - what topics, what university will participate or contribute;
    • Other publications within the project;
    • Quality control issue for publications, course materials, syllabi, course delivery etc;
    • Possible common interests for research, or any other activities between Russian and European universities.

    Meeting participants:

  • 10 December 2003

    The first Academic Council (representatives of 5 Siberian Universities) meeting took place 2-3 December in Novosibirsk, Russia.

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